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February 17, 2011
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Menu bar + title bar in Unity by arlecchino92 Menu bar + title bar in Unity by arlecchino92
Now Unity Desktop integrates (and hides) the menu bar in the upper panel both for the maximized windows and unmaximized ones.

This is the reasons according to Mark Shuttleworth:
«One of the design goals of Unity is to reduce the clutter of the desktop, another is to use space more efficiently.

We hide the menu by default in Unity because the menu provides no useful information to which you can refer just by looking at it, but it puts a lot of detail on the screen which is visual clutter. So, we’ve taken the view that the menu is there if you need it (by moving the mouse to it or pressing Alt) but otherwise isn’t in your view.

Many modern applications are doing without a menu altogether, so in our view, this is a step towards the future, and it will encourage application developers to think about their interfaces and make them more usable by design rather than depending on the crutch of a menu.»

Why not integrate (and hide) the menu bar in the title bar instead for ummaximized windows?

I have realized a simple mockup that shows my idea. The menu bar will be show only if the menu is over the title bar.

However, there are some implementation issues:
- if the menu bar is shown in the title bar, how do I use it to drag/maximize/unmaximise the window?
- what about if the menu bar is bigger than the title bar?

The second is not a real problem: the classic Gnome cut the menu bar if it is bigger than the windows. For the first problem there are different solutions. For example we can use the left button mouse for use the menu bar and the right button mouse for use the title bar (drag, maximize/unmaximized with double click). Or we can add another window control that allows us to drop the windows.

For more screenshots and infromations here: [link]
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N3RD0MAN Feb 17, 2011
This is much better than the way the ubuntu developers do it, because you have to move the cursor to the panel to show the menu, otherwise there's just the application name shown.
I think this is too difficult.
And I don't want to know how ugly it will look like when there are many apps being opened and listed in the panel.
This is one of the reasons why I left ubuntu. In my opinion Unity is a totally messy UI.
The menu is autohide, when the mouse is not over the panel the menu is hidden.

«And I don't want to know how ugly it will look like when there are many apps being opened and listed in the panel.»

What do you mean for "listed in the panel"?
N3RD0MAN Feb 18, 2011
well.. When an application is maximized, then its menu is displayed in the panel. I am not sure what it will be like when you have serveral apps opened. Are their names appearing in the panel too? And when you select one, does the menu be shown in the panel? Or is it just shown when the mouse is moved to the panel?
Uhm.. I don't know how to explain my troubles but I think the UI is quite complicated (as I already mentioned)
Btw. This mockup is also discussed here [link] ;)
Now in natty in the panel is shown only the title of the focused window. When the mouse is over the panel, the menu of the focused window is shown. In my mockup the title bar shown the title of the application if the mouse is not over, if the mouse is over the focused window the menu bar is shown into the title bar.
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